Welcome to the home of South African biltong UK, lekker authentic South African biltong made right here in Devon.

Our South African Biltong, Birdtong and Drywors are all made from local and organic Devon meat. With our traditional spice mix, we put a lot of love and care into producing our artisan range of South African cured meats. check out our range below.

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how to eat biltong

How to eat biltong, the #1 epic snack!

If you want to know how to eat biltong like a South African, it’s easy. There’s nothing better on a hot summer’s evening in front…
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Ultimate Biltong Guide

WE LOVE BILTONG. In fact we love it SO much we thought it would be handy to create this ultimate guide highlighting everything you need to know about this much loved South African meaty snack.

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